Body Sanctum Day Spa

Body Sanctum Day Spa

Spending a day at the Body Sanctum Day Spa Massage Centre is the ultimate indulgence. A special environment that is as tranquil as it is beautiful and a menu of supremely soothing treatments will rejuvenate and relax you.

The centre is housed on warm, inviting premises that will take you far from the cares of city life. Once the expert therapists begin their work, you will be firmly ensconced in the present as your anxieties melt away.

You need bring along only a willingness to let go of life’s cares to enjoy total physical and mental relaxation and what many have found to be a profoundly healing experience.

At Body Sanctum, both men and women can find a haven in which a state of ultimate relaxation, rest and rejuvenation can be achieved. Located just a stone’s throw from Queenstown, you can quickly escape the city to this oasis of tranquility where you will enjoy world class services in elegant rooms and beautiful surroundings.


Level 1, 10 Athol Street, Queenstown